Items to Pair with Your Fave Denim

Denim shorts are stylish, comfortable and versatile – you can pretty much pair them with anything. As I promised, here are my list of things to wear with your favourite wardrobe piece. Advertisements

Plan a Staycation

Just imagine yourself on a remote island somewhere, the sand beneath your feet, laying on your towel, eating a delectable ice-cream. Maybe someone appears over you, blocking the sun from your view. You look up

The Beauty of Making Mistakes

When I was little, I thought I had everything figured out. I thought I knew myself completely, in and out. The concept of losing oneself was as foreign to me as the Arctic ocean. Just like loneliness, it wasn’t a term

How to Think Like an Olympian

Sometimes, you need to give yourself a good kick in the ass (or arse – ahem, excuse my language) for being such a downer. We all get those days, those days when we just can’t seem to get out of bed.

Just Graze

Hi beauties! I’m here to talk about the mini boxes of delight from Graze and why you should make these snacks a regular part of your life.

Summer Essentials

Ahh sun…When we think of summer, certain things immediately come to mind. Beachy holidays, clear blue sky, bikinis, parasols, picnics, cocktails and ice-cream…