Make a Diet Change – Drink More Water

We have a breakthrough ladies and gents. Today, I drank three bottles (small bottles) of water. Hooray! While this may seem like an ordinary amount of water to drink daily (I’m sure most people already drink more than that in four hours!), for me this is fairly new. I find it quite difficult to sip on water throughout the day, although I’ve been getting better recently. Just like everything else, it takes practice to incorporate a new habit, especially a healthy one. We are so used to convenience food that we sometimes forget to be healthy. When it comes to liquids, we tend to gravitate more towards sodas, juices and cups of coffee (or tea) rather than reaching for a glass of┬áH2O. But water is vital for reasons I don’t even need to go into because I’m sure you already know.

Starting today, I ask you to make this one change to your diet – and that is the simple act of drinking more water. I’m not asking you to give up sugar or include more fruits or vegetables in your diet (well, not yet at least) but I am asking you to do your body this great favour. So drink up. Water, that is. Start slowly and build up. You may find it hard at first but before you know it you will come to love water and its effect on your body, skin and mood.

Bottoms up! Thanks for reading beauties. Let me know how you get on with this water challenge in the comments below.





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