Just Graze

Hi beauties! I’m here to talk about the mini boxes of delight from Graze and why you should make these snacks a regular part of your life.

1. Who doesn’t like having things to look forward to?

I know I do. Well, with Graze, you’ll have mini surprises coming through your letterbox every week (or fortnight). That is, if you resist the urge to take a peek at your email box.

IMG_0191 (2)

2. The snacks actually taste great.

You can never be too sure of this but take my word for it, you won’t be disappointed. Of course, you are not going to love every single snack but that’s what the bin option is for, which brings me to my next point…

IMG_1078 (2)

3. You can select your box type and the snacks you want in your boxes, as well as the ones you never want to see again.

As an olive lover (mm olives), I make sure to tick love for any snacks containing them so that I get to see my baby more often. Hit me baby one more time!

IMG_0942 (2)

4. The snacks are low calorie. 

This is not really an issue for me but if you’re watching your weight, you can look forward to grazing – sorry, had to – worry free.

IMG_0403 (2)

5. You get added bonus.

Many snacks also contain vitamins, such as those with nuts in them. Not only are you getting great tasting snacks, but you’re getting additional benefits too. Win, win.

IMG_1090 (2)

6. It’s great for on-the-go snacking.

You can take it to work so you have something to nibble on between breaks or while you’re typing away. You can even take it to school or to the gym. You may have to attach a note to make sure your friends keep their paws off.

IMG_1104 (2)

7. All the hard work has been done for you.

There’s no need to waste time prepping snacks, it’s all taken care of. Now all you need to do is sit and enjoy.

IMG_1025 (3)

So there you go. You can get delicious snacks minus the hassle, without having to watch your weight. Happy snacking!

Head over to Graze.com to check it out for yourself.

Nina. XOXO


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