The Real Reason to Keep a Diary

We have all heard of journaling as a form of self-reflection, putting down our thoughts to reflect on the day gone by or expressing gratitude to welcome the day to come. But have you ever considered keeping a diary to document your life for future generations? This is something I decided Advertisements

1920s Flapper Inspired Makeup Look

Gone are the flapper days, a decade marked by its decadence of extravagant soirées mingled with strangers and rebellious behaviour characterised by smoking, drinking and extreme fashion…

Three Super Quick and Easy Avocado Recipes

I like my meals easy and done with in a matter of minutes so you’ll hardly ever find me in the kitchen for two long. That said, there’s something therapeutic about conjuring up a salad and doing some good ol’ cake baking. 

Fix Your Mindset, Transform Your Life

Once upon a time, I believed that I was either good at something or that I was never going to be. This limited form of thinking affected my life in many ways. It’s the reason I never attempted anything that I thought was beyond my reach.

Is It Done Yet? – the Truth About Writing a Novel

Have you finished writing your book? A phrase ‘we’ as aspiring writers are far too familiar with. Most people assume that writing a novel is an easy and quick task, over and done with in a matter of weeks. What they are failing to comprehend