Crazy over Chokers

Remember the chokers that Buffy and Willow wore on Buffy the vampire slayer? Back in the day, I thought they were the coolest things. I’m happy to say that they’re back! Chokers are the hottest accessories to grab this year. They come in all shapes, colours and styles – you’ve got metal chokers, print chokers, fabric chokers, lace chokers, velvet chokers and more – and I simply can’t get enough of them!

IMG_0624 (4).JPG

I have to say, that unlike the usual necklaces we tend to go for, these really stand out. They are easy to incorporate into any outfit (especially if you pick neutral colours and/or metal ones) and will add the perfect finishing touches to your look. So go on, get a hold of ’em!

IMG_0603 (6).JPG

What’s your favourite type of choker? Let me know in the comment section.

Till next time, have a great day! Nina. XXX


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