1920s Flapper Inspired Makeup Look

Gone are the flapper days, a decade marked by its decadence of extravagant soirées mingled with strangers and rebellious behaviour characterised by smoking, drinking and extreme fashion…


When I think of interesting hair and beauty trends throughout the ages, I often think about the makeup look associated with The Roaring Twenties – heavily rimmed eyelids, dramatic cheeks, puckered up lips and finger waves. Today I would like to recreate a somewhat updated (but still classic) version of the flapper look.

To recreate this look, you’ll need the following:

  • Foundation
  • Eye-shadow (A dark shadow of your choice, for this look I’m going with grey)
  • Eyeliner (Dark brown or black, pencil works best as it’s easy to smudge)
  • Blush (Dark pink or red)
  • Lip liner (Red or berry coloured)
  • Lipstick (Optional, red or berry coloured)

Let’s get started.

Begin with freshly washed and towel dried face. Set your hair in rollers or however you want to style your hair. Naturally, finger waves go best with this look, since it was “à la mode/in fashion” at the time.

STEP TWO img_1452-2
Next up – apply your foundation.

To recreate any look, a solid base is key. Apply your foundation by dotting your face if you prefer to use fingers, then blend everything out. With a brush, you would use the same technique. For this look, it’s preferable that you apply foundation over your lips as well, to blur out the edges, as you are going to be manipulating its natural shape.

Now, for the eyes. Line your eyes all the way around, from the upper lashes to the bottom ones. Start off close to the lash line then go over it, making it thicker.

Following on from the last step, you’re going to be drawing a line on the crease of your eyelid, where it meets the brow bone. It doesn’t matter if it’s not a perfectly straight line (or in my case, a line at all!) as you’ll be blending it out anyway.

Blend out the lines to soften the look. You’ll know when to stop because it won’t look like a mess anymore.

STEP SIXimg_1462-2
Now, you’re going to pick up some grey eyeshadow (any grey shadow will do, cheap or expensive) and sweep it right across your eyelids. Don’t be afraid to apply lots. For this look, heavy makeup is welcome. Alternatively, you could pick a dark brown shadow or even something more colourful.

Then you’re going to blend everything together to give it that seamless appearance. But wait, we’re not done.

At this stage, I find my eyeliner usually disappears so I’m going to go over it. You can do the same, then you’re going to take that same liner and draw a V-shape at the edge of your eyelid (as shown in the image above). To clarify, that’s the line that extends from your outer crease to the bottom lower lash line – the same way you would normally do a cat eye. Once again, you’re going to blend it all out.

On to lips…

For the top lip, you’re going to trace a little over the natural line with your liner and shape it into a cupid’s bow, leaving out the edges for a more rounded look. Don’t worry if the line is not perfect at first, you can always go over it. For the bottom lip, you’re going to form a U-shape and leave the outer corners bare. This should create the illusion of puckered up lips.

Tip: Cotton buds are perfect for makeup blunders. Just place some cream remover at the tips and apply it anywhere on your face where makeup needs to be removed or adjusted.

I am not pouting, it’s the illusion created by the makeup. Okay, might be pouting.

You can fill your lips in with a lipstick of your choice but this part is optional as a strong lip liner should do the trick (without the need for more layers).

Moving on to cheeks…

For this look, we want drama (and lots of it) so red cheeks it is. You can go for a cream blush, a regular powdered blush, a matching red lipstick (yes, to apply on your cheeks!) or even eye-shadow.

You’re going to apply the blush right over the apples of your cheeks then blend it out using a circular motion to create rounded cheeks.


Hmm, I look like a clown. I could scare off some people for Halloween…

Now to finish off. Mascara…? Well, that’s really up to you. I tend to skip mascara unless I feel it’s absolutely necessary. Since this look is already dramatic, I’ll stop there.

To complete the look, either finger wave your hair or put it up into a faux bob by pulling the length of your hair, rolling it in and tucking it under, then pinning it down with bobby pins. If you’ve got short hair, even better – you can just leave it as is.

Here is the final result. *Drum roll*…


So there you have it. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Go and try it out, let me know how it works out for you.

XOXO. Nina

P.S. This look is best reserved for Halloween or a themed party.


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