Easy Halloween Treat – Chocolate Covered Apples

Making Halloween special doesn’t have to be difficult or costly. Just jazz up your house with cheap decorations like spider webs and jack-o-lanterns. And for treats, there are some simple things you can create without the need to spend hours in the kitchen. Advertisements

Halloween Cats – Makeup and Costume Ideas

I’ve always wanted to dress up as a cat for Halloween. This year, I thought I would do just that. Today, I’m sharing with you (not one, but) three cat makeup looks and costume ideas. 

3 Easy Dishes You Can Make with Pumpkin

I never really knew what to do with a pumpkin. Other than providing a good deal of beta carotene and its association with Halloween, pumpkins seemed fairly useless as vegetables. I recently discovered that pumpkins can be rather tasty

Cosy up This Halloween with These TV Specials

The time has come for pumpkin carving and trick-or-treating. While many teens and young children will be going around the neighbourhood with baskets full of candy, we mere twenty-somethings will be spending Halloween in the company of good friends, scary movies and glasses of wine (or pumpkin spiced latte).

The Poor Girl’s Guide to Shopping

When it comes to shopping there are some tips that will make your supplies not only last longer but help you stay well within your budget range. Today, I am going to share these with you in the hopes of simplifying your life.