Fall/Winter Wardrobe Essentials

To prepare for the cold weather that’s creeping up on us this month, I ditched my floral companions in the place of more autumn-friendly items. It was hard to say goodbye to playsuits (or rompers, whatever you like to call them), denim shorts, summer dresses and open heels, as I know I won’t be seeing them for a while, but every season has its highlights and for autumn (and winter), it’s all about the jumpers.


The first thing I did was make room for my weather-approved pieces by storing my summer and spring collection of clothing away. I was pleasantly surprised with how much clothes had been clogging up my closet, and by saving them in a suitcase, found more room to work with. I stocked up on coats, jumpers, jeans, scarves and warm hats as I know I’ll be needing these this month. But enough rambling, here’s how you can ensure that you have all the fall and winter essentials you’ll be needing this time of year.


Here are some tips for creating a fall/winter-worthy wardrobe:

  1. First of all, say goodbye to things you won’t be wearing this season. Summer dresses, sandals and playsuits have got to go. Shorts unfortunately don’t belong in your closet at this time of year. T-shirts can stay as long as you layer them up.
  2. Now that you’ve freed up some space, it’s time to go shopping. When it comes to colours and patterns, choose wisely. Florals are not really cold-weather appropriate. But there are certain things you can still get away with. Pastels are fine, especially if you’re donning a jumper. Don’t be afraid to wear bright hues. I feel that dark purple (or burgundy) and dark green (or khaki) for example are great yet unexpected fall colours – you don’t need to stick to boring old black!
  3. Jumpers (or sweaters, for my friends in the US) are a must. Stock up on these. Ideally, you’d want a range of turtlenecks, low neck jumpers and cardigans for every colour (so that you can mix and match) but for my gals on a budget, just go with primary and neutral shades (like black, white, grey, navy, red and camel).
  4. Coats, coats, coats. There’s so much to choose from – waterfall coats, fur coats, biker coats, duster coats, trench coats… It would be wise to buy a few so that you have them in varying thickness to match the temperature. If it’s not too cold, you can wear a waterfall coat. If it’s freezing out, sport a thick and long trench coat with side pockets.
  5. Leather and suede skirts are your new best friends and are fall-approved as far as I’m concerned. Add them to your wardrobe, they’re great paired with knee length boots, which brings us to my next tip…
  6. Knee long boots. Sophisticated and chic. If knee length boots were created to serve a purpose, it was to keep you looking fab yet cosy and warm enough to brace the cold. They look great paired over jeans, with skirts as well as dresses.
  7. Scarves, of course! You can mix it up by wearing thick scarves, tube scarves or lightweight scarves, depending on the rest of your ensemble and the kind of look that you are going for.
  8. Finally, to make your cold weather ensembles appear a tad less boring, accessorise. It’s amazing what a pair of statement earrings can do to your overall look. Belts bring any outfit together. Or how about jazzing up your style with a bright handbag and heels? You can also have fun with different hat looks. From baker hats to the usual winter beanies and fedoras – there are so many to choose from! Don’t forget socks, tights and legwarmers. Gloves come in handy (ha, see what I did?), chokers look great with everything and don’t underestimate the power of a gold watch or bracelet.

Well, that’s my round up of items to include in your wardrobe this season and the one after that. Let me know if I missed anything out.

Thanks for reading.


XO. Nina


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