Double-O-Denim: Two Ways to Wear the Denim Dress

If there was a superhero that existed among all the wardrobe pieces in your closet, it would be the denim dress. Casual yet chic, part modern and part retro, the buttoned up denim dress performs double duty, thereby earning its nickname (from me) as Double-O-denim.

This wonderful piece of clothing can be worn:



The denim dress looks good all on its own, as it was meant to be. The key here is fit – make sure it is the correct size, not too tight but not loose so that it accentuates your curves. Pair with knee length boots and a belt for the ultimate chicness.



Wear your usual outfit and treat the denim dress as a jacket to finish off your look. Since this is denim, it will suit every colour and you won’t need to worry about clashing. Skirts go well as do trousers. Team with ankle boots for a killer style. If you can get a hold of a pair of denim boots, even better!

The denim dress may not fight crime but I’m sure you’ll agree that it slays in the wardrobe department.

Thanks for reading. Leave me a comment.

XO. Nina.


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