Fashion Inspired by TV – Cordelia’s Green Sweater and Red Floral Skirt

If you’re like me and a fan of Buffy and Angel then you are most likely also going to be a fan of the outfits worn on the show. My recent wardrobe choice was inspired by Cordelia’s ensemble from Somnambulist which featured a mid-length floral skirt, a green sweater and a jean jacket to complete the look. She also sported soft curls and black sandals.

“Even sunny blonde LA has its trashy dark roots…”

To recreate this look, pair a red floral skirt with a khaki or green sweater (or alternatively a long sleeved top or bodysuit with high neck) and a dark denim jacket to go over it. If you like, you can add a casual black bag too.

Achieving Cordelia-esque curls is fairly straightforward. In this particular episode, she appears to have half her length in loose curls with the remainder of her hair fairly straight. I went for a curlier look than hers but in order to mimic Cordelia’s exact style, I suggest pinning various sections of hair (midway through) while it still has moisture (about 80-90 % dry) and allowing it to set for 30 mins before unravelling.


If you prefer, you can curl your hair using a curling iron to achieve a similar effect. Long hair is perfect for this look. If you’ve got shorter hair like mine, adding extensions will get you closer to achieving the Cordy look that we’re going for here.

When it comes to makeup, Cordelia usually sports red lipstick, eyeshadow and eyeliner with little to no blush. For this particular episode, she wore grey shadow and a lighter coloured lipstick than she normally goes for. To get this look, apply a grey shadow over your entire eyelid extending a little further up and above the crease. Line your lips with a red or mauve lipliner and swipe a mauve or light pink lipstick or gloss over it. I went for a more reddish tone in comparison to Cordelia’s choice of colour.


Finally, add some accessories in the form of beady cream, green and brown bracelets and a sporty digital watch.

You’re all done! This is a great transitional piece – the colours scream ‘I love Autumn but can’t say goodbye to summer yet’ and perfect for the current type of weather, when it’s not warm but not cold enough to be donning a coat.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks for reading.

XO. Nina.

NB: Images (except those featuring myself) are from AtS Caps (from Angel episode Somnambulist) – check out their website for screencaptures!

Disclaimer: I do not own Angel nor do I represent the series, its story or characters in any way. Joss Whedon created the show, Joss Whedon has the rights to the show. This post is for entertainment purposes and to promote the show. No copyright infringement intended nor implied. 



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