The Poor Girl’s Guide to Shopping

When it comes to shopping there are some tips that will make your supplies not only last longer but help you stay well within your budget range. Today, I am going to share these with you in the hopes of simplifying your life.


Grocery shopping for the girl on a budget is easy, if you know how to do it right. First off, if you want to stick to a healthy diet, make sure to steer away from sugary, energy-dense and processed food or at least keep them to a minimum. Examples of empty-calorie food (as in food that have less calories but don’t really keep you healthy in any way) such as crackers and pretzels, have no place in a healthy girl’s pantry and sure don’t help you to lose weight. Secondly, think shelf life. Stock up on things like canned food and large packets which you can keep for up to months at a time, and which are both healthy and easy to use in recipes, such as canned tuna, chickpeas, tomatoes as well as packets of nuts and dried fruit. This will not only save you money but ensure that you have healthy and fresh ingredients for weeks or even months to come.

Skip the water bottles. Water is the same, whether it’s bottle water or just regular tap water. Instead, purchase a water filter which you can pour normal tap water into and drink from. And stay away from sodas and juice drinks. If you want smoothies or fresh juices, there are plenty of ways to conjure up your own at home, and I’m sure it’ll taste 10 times better and do your body more good than store bought ones. For vegetables, frozen are just as good as fresh ones, although fresh ones pack more nutrients (but there’s still an ongoing debate on that). You’ll want to include a mixture of both fresh and frozen vegetables, that way you’ll have plenty more vegetables in the freezer when you run out of fresh ones.

Unfortunately, there are certain things that you’ll need to buy fresh such as cheeses and in general, any dairy products (I don’t recommend long life milk as I can’t see how it could be good for you), fruits and bread. If possible (although my taste buds will disagree), try to switch to brown rice and bread as it contains more nutrients than white ones.


There was a time when in order to buy quality clothing, you had to spend quite a penny. Nowadays with stores like Missguided and HM, affordable has become the new buzzword. You can have a pretty closet and always stay on trend, regardless of where you purchase your items, as long as you know how to shop. One advice I will give is to make it your life’s mission to wait for offers. My favourite store – Missguided, always has plenty on offer to take advantage of, making shopping for girls like me, who love staying on trend but want affordable pieces, a whole lot easier.

When you don’t need anything particularly fancy, for example everyday items like vests to put inside tops, pyjamas, tights and socks, good stores to visit are Primark or your local grocery store.


For things like folders, pens and general office supplies as well as things to help you plan your schedule and keep on top of everything, I find that online purchases end up costing more. You have to factor in the cost of package and delivery. In this instance, I suggest heading off to the store. For things like folders and diaries, it’s best to see the item in hand to ensure that it’s the right product for you.


Every month, before deciding to purchase anything, make sure to draw up a plan. Prioritise your spending and allow room for surprises, that way you always have extra cash. And lastly, stick to your budget and try to set some money aside for future holidays, classes and investments.

I really hope this helps. Have a great day awesome people.

Ciao! Spend wisely.

XO. Nina


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