Halloween Cats – Makeup and Costume Ideas

I’ve always wanted to dress up as a cat for Halloween. This year, I thought I would do just that. Today, I’m sharing with you (not one, but) three cat makeup looks and costume ideas. 



Look One: CC Cat

The first look is inspired by Cordelia’s cat costume, makeup and hair from the Buffy season two episode Halloween.

This is the perfect costume for Miss Chase. It’s feline, ferocious and feisty, just like her. I love the entire look, from the hair to the tail.

To get the hair: You’ll want to blow dry your hair in the opposite direction from where you’d like it to fall. This will allow for maximum volume. I’m sure you’ve noticed from the Buffy episodes and in particular the Halloween episode, Cordelia’s hair is always sleek and big.

To get the look: Start with a clear complexion. Then create the cat eye look. Start by outlining your eye with a black liner and exaggerating the corners. If you want you can also fill the entire eyelid. I’ve left mine bare. Then draw a straight line underneath your lower lash line.

To get the outfit: Cordelia wore a tight jumpsuit with furry gloves and a cat tail. On top of her head, she wore a furry headband. You’ll want to look for a similar outfit. It doesn’t have to be identical, feel free to adjust the look according to your budget. Instead of a jumpsuit, you could wear a leopard printed dress or skirt and top. Cat ears, a tail and claws are optional.

Look Two: Kitty Kat

This is the easiest cat look to recreate as it only requires minimal skill.

To get the hair: You’ll want to set your hair in rollers or pin them up, to create curls. Then section off hair at the top of your head and tie using an elastic to make a half ponytail. To create that pouffe at the front, simply pull on the strands to tighten the half ponytail.

To get the look: Start with the eyes. Fill your entire eyelid with a liner (preferably gel as creating cat eyes will be easier). Wing the liner then add two small lines underneath, parallel to the one above. Make a round ball for the nose at the tip. For whiskers, add some dots on your cheek then finish off with a lipgloss or lipstick of your choice.

To get the outfit: Pair with a leopard printed bodysuit or dress. Add heels. You’re all set!

Look Three: Cat Gal

This look is modern, fun and daring.

To get the hair: Blow dry your hair straight. If you want your hair extra sleek, go over the strands with a straightener. For the rolls, take a section of hair on the side of your head above your ears, roll it up around two fingers (as you would do if you were pinning your hair up), then secure against your scalp with bobby pins. If done correctly, it should look like cat ears. You can attempt this until you get it just the way you want. Repeat the process on the other side.

To get the look: Apply moisturiser and foundation all over your face, including eyelids. Coat your lashes with mascara if desired. Draw a cat nose on the tip of your nose in a triangular shape. Draw lines for whiskers. Finish off by lining your lips with a dark liner and topping it up with a brown or black lipstick. If you like, you can simply line your lips and be done there.

To get the outfit: For that all leather look, you can fake it or wear the real thing (depending on your budget). Faux leather can look just as good as the real thing. For the bottom, you can go with a leather (or faux leather) trousers or coated jeans. For the top, get a hold of a leather blouse or top. For this look, I went with a leather-looking peplum top and coated jeans. Finish off with heels; black boots and court shoes look equally good paired with leather. You can also add a leopard printed coat on top.


There you have it, three easy cat looks you can recreate yourself.

Have a great Halloween! Which cat look do you prefer? Let me know in the comments below.

XO. Nina.

Photo credit goes to Buffy website Salvation for the image of Cordelia from the Halloween episode. Visit their website for Buffy The Vampire Slayer images and more. 


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