Last Minute Halloween Look – Undead Goth Girl

I wanted a terrifying yet beautiful look I could put together in a matter of minutes. Although this look is more creepy than pretty, it’s still fairly awesome.



It doesn’t get simpler than this. All you are going to do is create the illusion of tired eyes, stitched up cheeks, painted against an undead complexion.

You should already have all the beauty products that you’re going to need for this look in your makeup kit hence the last minute concept. Now, let’s get to it.

You will need the following products:

  • Foundation
  • Blue shadow (To get that undead appearance)
  • A red lip or eyeliner
  • A black eyeliner (For eyes and stitches)
  • Brown liner (for scar and lips)
  • Black lipstick (Optional)
  • Fake blood (Alternatively, use dark red runny lipgloss)

Tip: Makeup products have multiple use. I ran out of eyeliner so I used black lipstick for shadow instead. I also used red lip liner for my eyes.



  1. Start off by applying foundation on your face. Choose a colour which matches your skin tone.
  2. To create a pale, pallor mortis complexion, smudge some blue shadow all over your face. Make sure you blend it well. If it’s too blue, it will look like makeup, which we don’t want. For the appearance of an eye still recovering from a blow, apply a little more of the bluish shadow underneath the eye, where dark circles usually form. Just note that pale (or undead) will look different on different skin tones. My pale is more purplish while yours may be more bluish. Work with what you’ve got.
  3. For the appearance of tired eyes, line your inner lower rim with red liner then add more just below your lash line.
  4. For shadow, fill the entire eyelid extending from the lash line to just below the eyebrows with a black liner and blend.
  5. To create stitches, first make the scar by drawing a line across your cheek wherever you wish to place it. Remember, this is a quick look so we won’t have time to make the scar more detailed and realistic. But a thin line should look realistic enough. For the stitches, draw crosses along the line with a black liner. Don’t make the crosses identical, otherwise the stitches won’t appear real.
  6. Line your lips with the dark liner, lipstick or both.
  7. Dab some fake blood onto the side of your head, under your nose and if you like at the corner of your mouth as well.
  8. Finally, the messier your hair the better. Toss it all onto one side, ruffle it up and you’re done!

Thanks for reading! What will you be dressing up as this Halloween?

XOXO. Nina.


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