October Favourites

The year is going by so fast, I can’t believe that it’s November already. Today, I would like to share with you my October favourites and hopefully give you some ideas of new things to try. 

IMG_0794 (3)

In no particular order, these are:

  1. Tone It Up by Kareena and Katrina – This book is very useful. Notice the use of “is”. It’ll never grow old as you can continue to use it over and over, for workout routines, fitness and diet as well as hair tips. It’s all things girly and very motivating. It also helps that the trainers Kareena and Katrina are full of warmth and vibrant personalities. They’re there to cheer you on. Go team!
  2. Buffy the High School Years I admit (rather bashfully) that I am a huge fan of Buffy. So when I heard that the writers were working on a new comic for Buffy set during season one, you bet I jumped up and down at the opportunity to get a hold of this. Although it is not quite the same as the series and since it is aimed at younger audiences, lacking in what we adults might be seeking in a comic, it nevertheless entertains and keeps the spirit of Buffy alive in our minds. In my opinion, it was worth the purchase.
  3. The Girl On the Train – This book felt somewhat relatable, even though in many ways it wasn’t, that I was hooked. The beauty of Rachel is that she could be any one of us, and despite her obvious flaws, you just can’t help emphasising with her. The plot will keep you guessing all the way through. It is one train ride you sure can’t afford to miss.
  4.  The Killer Inside Me – It’s hard to believe that this book was written in the 50s when it reads like a modern novel. Despite the main character being a ruthless, sadistic killer, his charm and wit ensures the reader’s desire to stay along for the ride.
  5. Innocent Smoothie – I know, I know, it’s not so innocent but it tastes so darn good, I just can’t seem to get enough. My favourite flavour is Pomegranate, blueberry and acai and I’ve been sipping on this for quite some time now. While this juice drink is packed with sugar, you still get your one a day so that’s a big tick in the plus column for me.
  6. Munchkin Pumpkin – It’s amazing what you can do with these little vegetables. You can dress them up or cook them in various ways, as illustrated in my 3 Easy Dishes You Can Make With Pumpkin, which you can find here on the website. This wonderful plant is perfect for the season and I will sure be using it again.
  7. L’Oreal Gold Obsession Pure Gold – Every now and then  I like to sport a bold lip, although this is bolder than my usual choice. It’s a beautiful shimmery yellow-gold colour and I’m sure it’s going to be all the rage. Though I am not brave and bold enough to wear it out in public (yet), I will sure be donning it come this festive season.
  8. A4 Expanding File – This is great to help you stay organised. If you are working on multiple projects or in my case writing multiple books at once, having a file such as this one allows you to store everything in one place. You can easily divide your project into sub categories and file all your notes accordingly. I used one pocket for each novel. Of course this is only to keep notes on my stories such as outlines and character fact-sheets, the novel itself will require a different type of file altogether.

I’ve included Amazon links for some of the mentioned items above. You can purchase the novels and comic in paperback, I prefer to read them on my Kindle as it’s faster and cheaper.

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed and found this useful.

XXX. Nina.


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