2 Simple Daytime Looks – Makeup Tutorial

Today, I’m sharing with you two easy makeup looks which are perfect for daytime. Keep scrolling to find out how you can create these looks yourself!


Ocean Eyes and Rose Lips

You will need:

  • Foundation
  • Light blue/turquoise gel liner
  • Medium pink or rose pink lip liner and/or lipstick
  • Mascara (optional)

How to create the look:

Apply foundation all over your face and neck. Next up, take your liner and apply it close to your top lash line. You’re only going to be applying the liner to the centre of your lash line, just enough to give it a hint of that blue colour. Line your lips with your chosen rose-coloured liner. Lipstick is optional. Make sure to choose a shade that matches your lip liner.

This look is great for brown-eyed gals; they really make your eyes pop.


Purple Eyes and Red Pout

You will need:

  • Foundation
  • Purple eye-shadow
  • Red lip liner, gloss or lipstick
  • Mascara (optional)

How to create the look:

As always, you’ll need to start off by applying foundation to your face. Grab a hold of your purple shadow and fill your entire eyelids with it. Smooth over your chosen red liner, gloss or lipstick. And voila, you’re all done.

The purple shadow is great for gals with lighter coloured eyes, to really make them stand out. 

Let me know how you like these looks in the comments section below.

Note: I have not applied or contoured my face nor have I used any blush for these particular looks but if you would like to do that, that’s fine too! Mascara and eyeliner are optional. I find that for daytime, it’s not necessary. If you don’t feel comfortable without mascara, then by all means do apply some.


XX. Nina


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