The Quintessence of Beauty

There was a time when I valued outward appearances far more than I should have. I suppose it was not really my fault. As a little girl, it was ingrained in me, this idea that the most important trait I possessed was a pretty face, and that with this pretty face I would find success. Vain, much? I suppose it’s a flaw in our society, the idea that women should be seen as objects of desires and therefore incompetent in all other aspects of life and work. I know today that my most valued attribute isn’t my face – pfft, far from it – but rather my talents, personality and voice. I have a voice and with this voice, I will speak out, share my views and be unafraid. It’s my voice that gives me power.

While I still hope to end up with an attractive man, ‘attractiveness’ to me encompasses far more than just a pretty face. A good man or woman is an embodiment of honesty, openness, kindness, humility, bravery and selflessness all wrapped up into one. It’s true that my idea of beauty has changed dramatically over the years (don’t get me wrong – I’m still a fan of makeup and fashion!), I now have a less superficial sense of what it means to be beautiful. I suppose it has something to do with maturing – you begin to see things differently and you start seeking truth. As the old saying goes, with age comes wisdom – and I can certainly vouch for that.

In the span of a year, I’ve learned so much. I finally know myself and can see the world with clearer spectacles. 2016 has brought with it new challenges but at the same time wonderful gifts – one such gift comes in the form of knowledge. With that knowledge, I’ve learned that if I want to be a beautiful person, I must strip myself of any self-doubt, jealous thoughts, need for revenge or hatred and simply be kinder, more humble, more honest and open towards others and myself.

True beauty, the kind that’s infectious with its warmth and compassionate nature, is so delicate and rare, I only ever knew one person with a heart big enough to possess it.

Thanks for reading. Share your thoughts with me. What do you think is the essence of beauty?

XO. Nina


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