Tips for the Novice Writer

To celebrate National Novel Writing Month, I thought I’d share with you some advice which will hopefully enable you to become a better writer. 

While I wouldn’t recommend attempting to draft and complete a book within the time-frame of a single month, as I believe a good story takes hours of dedication and thought, there are some tips you should consider if you are serious about writing.

So without further ado, these are the following:

Read abundantly. This may spell ‘duh’ but it’s surprising how many people simply don’t read enough. Yup, I used to be one of them. For many people, it’s a question of time. But if you allocate thirty minutes to reading a book every night before you go to sleep, you will have successfully made it a part of your routine.

Write often. I cannot stress the importance of this. Like anything else you’re passionate about, writing requires time and devotion. You must practice daily, or at least weekly, if you want to become a better writer. Nothing you write will ever go to waste so even if that first book doesn’t get published, your skills as a writer will have improved immensely.

Find inspiration. Get your creative juices flowing and look for inspiration anywhere and everywhere. You can find inspiration by looking at artwork and photographs, watching films and listening to music. And even from sitting on the tube (or subway, for my fellow Americans), listening to people’s conversations. There’s really no shortage of inspiration out there!

Listen to Writing Excuses. I consider this the best source for writing advice. These 15-minute long podcasts have helped me so much as a writer and I’m sure they will do the same for you. For more on Writing Excuses, check out my previous post right here – The Best Website for Budding Writers – where I go into more details.

Some of these may seem like obvious advice but they are vital to your craft and often overlooked. So get reading and get writing. Remember, you can only get better so keep at it.

Good luck!

XO. Nina.


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