Christmas Gift Ideas for the Gals

Christmas shopping can be fun, but also stressful, especially if you’re trying your best to get everyone something they will like.

To avoid the dreaded late holiday shopping panic, here are some gift ideas for your girlfriends and the ladies of the family:



Duh. What girl doesn’t love getting new clothes? You will of course have to cater to each individual’s taste. To make shopping easier, shop online. Some of my favourite clothing stores are Asos, Missguided and Boohoo. And, if you can afford it, Nasty Gal has the most to die for items.



If you’re going to buy jewellery, you better buy something slightly upmarket. When choosing jewellery for someone else, stick to simple styles, which can be easily incorporated into any outfit and are more likely to be a hit with everyone.



A rather classic gift and for good reason. Almost everyone wears perfume. Scratch that. Everyone wears perfume, if not every day then on special occasions, and it’s always considered a nice gift to receive.



My favourite. A good idea would be to collect various lipsticks, nail polishes and other products, and place it all inside a makeup bag which you then gift wrap. What beauty queen wouldn’t love this for a gift?

Hair styling tools.

No explanation required. For the girl that loves to take care of her mane. If your friend or family member prefers not to use heat on their hair, stick to good ol’ fashioned rolls.

Diaries and planners.


This is a great gift, something that will come in handy for the New Year. If a friend or family member is going through a particularly difficult time, you can encourage them to journal.

Arts and crafts.

Perfect for the little ones and the artists in the family, or among your circle of friends.

Kitchen appliances.

This is a great gift option for an aunt or your mother. Sure to please and come in handy.

Flowers and mini Xmas trees (from Bloom and Wild).


My mother never liked receiving flowers from me. Well, that is, until I bought her flowers from Bloom and Wild. Experts at what they do, the flowers and mini Christmas trees are delivered fresh and look pretty too.

Books & films.

IMG_2184 (3).JPG

For the bookworm, novels are a great choice. But you need not stick only to fiction, there are plenty more options, from cookbooks to books on astronomy. If you’re looking for something for the film buff, there are endless of movie titles to choose from. So take your pick!



There’s no better way to show your appreciation for someone than booking them a holiday. This one is a bit pricey for a present so only do it if you absolutely can. A cheaper option would be to book a boat ride, such as a cruise ride on the River Thames. Cheaper but no less magical.

Afternoon tea for two.


As a gift, I really love this one. It’s perfect for someone close to you – a sister, mother or best friend. And they’ll be sure to enjoy it.

As a final note, avoid giving presents in the form of gift vouchers and soaps. If you wouldn’t buy it for yourself, why would you give it to someone else?

Happy gift hunting!

XO. Nina.


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