On Being a Feminist

Emma Watson, Meghan Markle and Freida Pinto – what do these three women have in common? (Let’s also throw Joss Whedon in there too – I mean he created a show centred on a butt-kicking strong female lead character.) They’re advocates for women’s rights, which till fairly recently was a campaign I discovered I shared an interest for. 

I’ve always believed men and women to be equal, since I was a little kid. I suppose it was instilled in me. Whether it was a view my mother shared and brought me up believing or something that I learned on my own, I can’t say for sure. Or perhaps it was a bit of both. My mother herself was a strong and self-sufficient woman, who took care of my brother and I on her own, secured herself a job and lived her life by her own terms – a confident and beautiful woman (both in and out).

I never believed one or the other sex to be inferior. When I say I am a feminist, I am not saying that I believe women rule the world or ought to. Rather, that we deserve the exact same rights as men, to be given the same salary, to be seen and heard and allowed the same privileges. Despite articles claiming that men and women think differently, which may be true to a certain extent, our needs at its core are very much the same. And my male friends can vouch for that. Every man and woman on this planet needs love, comfort, shelter, food and water to survive. We really are more alike than we may think. So why is there still inequality existing in the world today? Why do women still suffer? Have we come so far to receive so little? Made giant leaps to be forced to take two steps in the other direction?

Although women may relate more with my posts and things I have to say, that is not to say that men cannot, I welcome all genders and refuse to address only females. I was from an early age, and will always be, a true feminist.

Thanks for reading. Share your thoughts with me.

XXX. Nina.


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