The Qualities You Should Strive for This Year

In the span of a year, I feel that I have matured a great deal. This newfound wisdom has allowed me to let go of petty emotions and provided me with a wealth of knowledge (which I hope to share with you).

This year, I am determined to continue my work on becoming my best self (in every sense of the term), hopefully developing and growing in confidence as I go along.

I will strive for, as should you, these qualities in particular:

  • Courage – It takes a strong person to claw his way out from the bottom of the pit, rising up through the fire and remain intact, sane and still compassionate. From now on, I want you to think of yourself as a ‘survivor’ rather than a ‘victim’, you must know that everything you have faced and will face will only enable you to grow stronger. Have a ‘bring it on’ attitude and be ready to fight through all the battles to rise on the other side, victorious. So this year, make ‘brave’ your favourite new word. With every opportunity that comes your way, decide that you are going to take it, regardless of how frightened you may be. Put yourself out there and face your fears.
  • Discipline – All the successful people I know achieved their goals by simply being disciplined. Now, I say simply, but self control is a very difficult thing to achieve. But once you have it, it becomes a part of you, and working hard becomes that much easier. First, it takes some getting used to. The key to discipline (which leads to hard work – our goal!) is to create a habit. Have a habit of working hard rather than lounging about. I must admit, I love being lazy – it’s relaxing, but it is intensely frustrating when you realise how much work you could have gotten done had you decided to get straight to it rather than lazing about watching Netflix. From now on, create a schedule (it could be a rough schedule and flexible) and use it. Build a morning routine that has you feeling inspired and excited to get up early, this will motivate you to work hard and if you create a regular habit you will stick to it.
  • Beauty – I’m not talking about physical beauty here, I’m talking about inner beauty. Let your radiance shine through. Be the kind of person you know you are deep inside. Life and its troubles can often leave us feeling bitter, that we might as well treat everyone with the same level of hostility that they have shown us. But when you choose to be kind instead of cruel, to show openness instead of hostility, to think before you judge, you allow yourself to be so much happier and feel so much more confident than you could have imagined. It may be difficult in a sometimes cruel and closed off world to treat it with kindness, but you need to act in a way that it is true to yourself. When you do that, you begin to love the person that you are. And when you love who you are, others do too.
  • Courtesy – This ties in with beauty. One of my biggest pet peeve is rudeness. I simply cannot tolerate it. I feel that there is never a necessity to be rude. That’s why I follow the principle to treat everyone with respect. I find that in the world today, courtesy is a fading quality, which makes it that much more important. It seems people have forgotten how to be kind. Now I don’t mean courteous to the point of hypocrisy or false modesty, I mean changing some of your thought patterns and treating everyone with the same kind of respect you ought to be treated with. I appreciate honesty, it’s one of my favourite traits to look for in a person, but you can be honest in a non-judgemental, unkind manner.

Thanks for reading. What qualities will you aspire to have this year?

XO. Nina.


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