The Singleton’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day

For the singleton, there’s probably nothing that conjures up more dread than the thought of spending Valentine’s day solo. But fear not, for I am here to help put your mind at ease. At least till Valentine’s day is over.

Below, I will share with you the steps you can take to ensure that Valentine’s day does not get under your skin:

Adapt your thinking.

The first important rule is not to take it personally. After all, Valentine’s is just a day. A day we made up. In the grand scheme of things, it bears no importance whatsoever. Secondly, being single is not going to kill you. Yes, it’s painful. We all need love and affection. Just know that your time will come, have some patience and enjoy being single for the time being. You’ll have the rest of your life to be tied to someone. But for now, just enjoy the freedom and lack of stress that comes with having a single status. Thirdly, don’t feel swayed by your friends or other pressures that make you feel you should be in a relationship. You are under no obligation to be in a relationship until you are ready and have met the person that is right for you. Lastly, be prepared to be surrounded with public displays of affection and exchange of gifts on Valentine’s day. By no means should you be affected by this. Remember, your time will come. However, if you feel that it will upset you, I suggest you avoid any places which will be especially crowded on Valentine’s. This is only if you absolutely cannot stomach the thought of this. If you like, you can give social media a break this Valentine’s, it is bound to be filled with everything you want to avoid.

Make a day of it. 

Now that we’ve dealt with surviving Valentine’s day (mentally), it’s time to decide how to celebrate it. A great idea would be to treat yourself and the ones you love such as mother, best friend and so on – after all Valentine’s is a celebration of love, isn’t it? You should remind the people close to you how much you love and appreciate them. If your mother is also celebrating Valentine’s on her own, perhaps spoil her with some chocolate and flowers. Then buy yourself chocolate and flowers, followed by a girls’ or guys’ night in.

Follow these rules and you should be fine.

To sum up, here’s how to survive Valentine’s day as a singleton:

  • Rule no. 1 – Treat Valentine’s day as you would any other day, like an ordinary day. Don’t take it personally, ¬†recognise that it is just a day we made up.
  • Rule no. 2 – Enjoy your single status. Being single is not going to kill you. If anything, it’s quite liberating to be free and have no-one to answer to. No drama, no tears. Before long, you’ll be married with kids.
  • Rule no. 3 – Avoid external pressure.
  • Rule no. 4 – Stay off social media.
  • Rule no. 5 – Spread love. (Just not the romantic kind.)
  • Rule no. 6 – Don’t spend it alone. That will make the feelings of resentment worse. If possible, invite a group of friends over. Ladies can pamper themselves and have a movie fest. Lads can watch football. Or vice versa?
  • Rule no. 7 – Treat yourself. Got no-one to shower you with gifts? Do it yourself! After all, you’ll know your taste better than anyone.
  • Rule no. 8 – Last but not least, sleep soundly. The last thing you want to do is to go to sleep worrying that you will end up alone. Make sure you don’t do this. Stay positive, take it easy and enjoy life.

Phew, that’s Valentine’s day taken care of for you!

Ciao. Nina.


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