Spring Cleaning Tips

It’s officially spring, which means it’s time for some spring cleaning! You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again – how decluttering your space can help to clear your mind. It makes sense if you think about it. I’ve often noticed that when I have a messy work space or an overflowing drawer full of clothes that my life and mind is somewhat chaotic. I am disorganised, my thoughts jumbled and my goals and intentions unclear. When our lives become overwhelming and too much for us to handle, cleaning often takes a backseat. To combat this, try to clear out a portion of space, tackling one area at a time. You could start off with the most visible mess in your house and work your way to the hidden places, e.g. drawers.

Today, I am going to give you some tips to make sure that your mind is as tranquil as possible, and that the space around you facilitates and encourages that lightness. You can start any day, any time. You can do it in one big chunk or bit by bit. It’s up to you!


I woke up today and the sun was out, flowers have already started to blossom, bees have come out of hiding; a clear sign that spring is in full swing. I’m especially excited because this means I get to bring out my skirts and dresses, this time making sure I take full advantage of them! But first things first, gotta tidy up.

My spring cleaning tips:

1. Inbox

I don’t know about you but my inbox is overflowing with emails. Sign of an unsettled mind? I think so. Today, I’ve decided it’s time to send all, if not most, of these emails to the junk folder. When you get rid of things you don’t need, you free up your space and make room for important things only. This simple act of clearing up your inbox can translate to bigger things, such as making room for all the important things in your life. You can commit to deleting one hundred emails per day, making sure you don’t accidentally get rid of anything you may need.

2. Wardrobe

The joy of spring is getting to wear all those floral pieces you had stored away. Since it’s slightly warmer but still cool, don’t store away your cardigans just yet. I like to organise my wardrobe by colour. This makes it easier to find things. But you can also organise your wardrobe by types. So, skirts go together in one pile, and trousers go together in another pile. And a separate area for shoes. The important thing is to organise your closet in a way that caters to you, so that you can find items in a pinch.

3. Desk

If you have a desk at home or work, make the best of the arrival of spring to inspire you to clean up. I’m sure you have piles on top of piles of things on your table that could use some clearing away. Start by sorting the different things and then putting them into their appropriate places. Try to put most of your desk equipment into your drawers to leave room for a clear table on top.

4. Pantry

What better time to inspire better eating habits than spring? This spring, commit to eating healthier. You can encourage yourself by cleaning and clearing up that pantry. First, toss anything out that’s expired, not healthy or that you definitely won’t be using. Then go shopping for healthier foods – grains, pulses, canned fish, canned beans, jars, spices and eggs. Store them neatly in the space available.

5. Rooms

Starting a day at a time, pick a room and clear out anything that’s visible from the outside. I bet you have magazines stashed on the coffee table or clothes lying around in a disorderly fashion. Or maybe you’re a neat freak and never leave anything lying around. Either way, take the time to neaten up your chosen room. Anything that you don’t need, that’s old or not usable; throw it away into a bin bag. Anything that needs storing away, place into their correct places. Once you’ve done that, take out the hoover and start hoovering away. Then, if you like, you can put some pretty decorations up, to liven the place. Flowers are great options, as are picture frames and candles.

Now that you’ve cleared up your house, how do you feel? Do you feel light? How has your mood changed? Do you feel inspired to work harder?


Once you’ve completed all your tasks, you can do the following things to encourage creativity and productivity:
• Fill each room (or some rooms) with flowers. Flowers symbolise the arrival of spring and have been proven to alleviate stress.
• Leave post-it notes in every corner (well, corners only you can see them, e.g. inside your closet) with positive affirmations written on them.
• In your kitchen, fill a large fruit bowl with different fruits. That way, you’ll always be encouraged to grab a fruit as a snack, rather than a piece of cake. You might also want to leave other healthy snacks lying around in your house to help you make healthier snacking choices.
• Pin, pin, pin. Pin up things that will encourage you to look forward, because hope is the only thing that keeps us going. Stick up pictures of places you’d like to visit one day, things you’d like to do, as well as pictures of people who inspire you. These pictures will reinforce positivity and will motivate you to work harder so that you may come closer to your dreams.

I hope you enjoyed this post and found it useful.

Have a great day.

xx. Nina.


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