For Your Birthday This Year, Renew Your Vows to Yourself

It seems the more we mature, the less importance we place on birthdays. Well, at least our own. But should it be less important? Maybe it’s the thought of getting older that has us feeling less enthusiastic when that birthday creeps up on us. Advertisements

February – March Favourites 2017

Today, I would like to share with you my favourite things for the month of February and March, in the form of books, a must-see TV show, food and the best tip I’ve picked up for making sure you stick to a healthy diet.

7 Books That Will Make You Fall in Love With Reading Again

I remember being given very dull things to read at school, so much so that it put me off reading altogether. I had neither the desire nor the capacity to escape into the world of books, though I did show a natural talent for writing.