February – March Favourites 2017

Today, I would like to share with you my favourite things for the month of February and March, in the form of books, a must-see TV show, food and the best tip I’ve picked up for making sure you stick to a healthy diet.

In no particular order, these are:

Spaceman by Mike Massimino
If you haven’t read this, you really should. Former astronaut Mike Massimino is honest and humble, a surprising trait for someone who’s accomplished so much, and you will fall in love with him instantly. His account of his life and struggles to achieve his dreams, will have you feeling like you too can accomplish anything you set your mind to. And as a bonus, the book is full of humour.

Check out this interview by The Royal Institution before downloading the book, to get a taste of just how awesome he is!

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz
This book gives you all the facts, backed up by science, not bullsh*t. This book helps you connect the dot between what your body needs and why it needs it with how it responds to diet and exercise. If you’re concerned with health and want to learn how to take care of your body, and keep it strong for a lifetime, then pick up this book.

The Crown (Netflix Drama Series)
A must see; visually striking and stunningly portrayed. Don’t be put off by the title – a show on the Queen may seem rather dull (my apology) – but within a few minutes of tuning in, you’ll be sucked into a world of splendour and wonder how you never thought to watch it before.

Check it out on Netflix.

Pret’s ‘Chef’s Italian Chicken Salad’
This salad is absolutely gorgeous (it has chicken, olives, pistachios, cheese, roasted peppers, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and salad leaves), and it’s the number one reason I keep going back to Pret. For those of you who have no choice but to eat out, Pret is certainly a healthier option than burger and chips. This particular salad offers you your 5-a-day in addition to vitamin D and calcium all in one bowl. Can a salad get more awesome than that?

Next time you’re out and about and looking for a healthier alternative to fast food, head over to your nearest Pret. 

Meal Prep
Okay technically this isn’t an item, but it is a good piece of advice I picked up from various of my favourite ladies in fitness. I’ve started prepping the food I’m going to eat every week and it has really helped me, not to mention made my diet a whole lot healthier. I now try to eat as much home-made food as possible.

Why not check out this article right here from my favourite fitness gals on meal prepping?

Bueno White
Yes, I know it’s chocolate and not exactly what you would call healthy. But once in a while a little indulgence can’t be all that bad for you. These chocolate bars are so good, they might actually be the best chocolates I’ve tasted.

What were your February/March favourites? Let me know in the comments below!

Xx. Nina.


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