For Your Birthday This Year, Renew Your Vows to Yourself

It seems the more we mature, the less importance we place on birthdays. Well, at least our own. But should it be less important? Maybe it’s the thought of getting older that has us feeling less enthusiastic when that birthday creeps up on us. Instead of feeling the burden of age and the pressure of responsibility, along with the need to settle down take a hold of us, we should look at birthdays in another way.

Age is something we made up, so you may not exactly be the age you are turning, per se. Take turning something-something as the next phase in your life, in your evolution as a person. You can see it as a new beginning, a chance to renew your vows to yourself, to embark on a journey you never dared to take before. Let each birthday be your chance to be better, wiser, smarter and stronger than your former self. You have come so far, have worked hard to be a better person, now it’s time to be even better!

That’s what birthdays should be for – to renew your vows to yourself. Decide now or whenever you next turn something-something, that you will be kinder to yourself, take better care of yourself, be more respectful, devoted and committed to living a healthy life filled with mini adventures.

And remember, age ain’t nothing but a number. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your twenties, thirties, about to take the leap into your forties or nearing your sixties – life is for living, never giving up and chasing those dreams.

“Smile. Breathe. Live. Life is whatever you want it to be.”

Xx. Nina.


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