13 Stress Relieving Activities

With the constant pressure we face in a fast-paced modern world, it’s often nice to take a break from it all, to relax and rejuvenate, and go back to our jobs feeling recharged.


Here are some activities I find always puts me in relaxation mode:

  1. Knitting. There’s a reason your grandmother knits in her spare time. Since it requires extra focus (lest you poke yourself with a sharp needle), it keeps worries at bay.
  2. Sketching/Painting I’m not the best artist, but this isn’t about being Picasso. Sketching or painting is a great form of meditation and will leave you feeling lighter. Not literally.
  3. Learning to play an instrument. Again, you don’t need to be an expert or spend hours on this task. Half an hour of intense focus may be all you need to forget your troubles for a while.
  4. Playing miniature basketball. The mere act of tossing a ball into a net can be therapeutic. You can make this a solo game or a two-player game. Either way, it’s great fun and won’t have you whinging. At least, not for a while.
  5. Photography. I love taking pictures, as you may have guessed. Not only is it relaxing, but it keeps your mind preoccupied and allows you to be creative.
  6. Baking. I find that baking cakes helps me keep calm. It doesn’t hurt that it’s fun and within minutes you’ve got yourself a lovely piece of dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth.
  7. Dancing. If you’re like me and you love to dance, I’m sure you’ll agree that dancing makes you forget your worries. And since it’s exercise, it also increases your serotonin production – you know, the hormone that makes you happy. So get groovin’ to your favourite tracks.
  8.  Going for a walk. I don’t particular find solo walks enjoyable, but pair it with a friend or favourite family member and I find that it can be just what I need to feel like myself again.
  9. Arranging a coffee date. This could be done with a close friend or family member. Just arrange a time that you’re both free to get together for a nice cup of tea and piece of cake. When you’re stressed, it’s amazing what sitting down with a friend can do.
  10. Meal prepping Sundays. Yep, who knew this would find itself on the list? But meal prepping can actually be a form of meditation. It’s great for taking your mind off things and planning for a successful week ahead.
  11. Playing scrabble. A newly discovered family favourite around here. Scrabble keeps your memory sharp and exercises your brain. It also helps to bring the family together for some quality time and fond memories. Why not incorporate this into your routine and make it a tradition every Sunday afternoon?
  12. Reading. My favourite day of the week is Sunday and there’s a reason for that. Sunday is my reading day. I carve out extra time just to read and educate myself. It’s a great way to relax your mind too.
  13. Sightseeing. I know taking a holiday isn’t always feasible but sightseeing in your own town or city certainly is. Many places are free to visit so why not make the most of that time to take your mind away from things that worry you.

As a last note, make sure you set aside a bit of time everyday to do something relaxing. As someone who’s struggled with anxiety, I know how important it is to give your mind a break.

Hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful!

XX. Nina.


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