Beach Holiday Essentials

Today, I’m sharing with you the must-have items to make the most of the sand and sun. Read on to find out what they are…

IMG_3202 (3)

Here is a list of essentials to take with you on your beach trip:

  1. SUN HAT – They’re cute, fashionable and protect your face and skin from the sun.
  2. SWIMWEAR – Summer just wouldn’t be complete without some sand, water and a cute swimsuit. Follow the trend and go for bold colours in a classic one piece.
  3. SANDALS – Summery and airy, nothing frees your feet better than sandals. Sandals are your new BFF this summer.
  4. SUNGLASSES – Because this is how we do. They just add that extra air of cool to any outfit.
  5. SHORT – There’s almost nothing you can’t pair with a pair of denim shorts. These classic favourites go with everything, so don’t forget to pack one.
  6. TANK TOPS/CAMIS – Do I really need to explain this one? Alright… Because they’re cute and airy, and they’ll pair well with shorts.
  7. EVENING DRESS – You never know where you might go for dinner or when you might need to wear a dress so pack one or two. If a special event comes up, you can rest assured that you’ll be dressed for the occasion.
  8. DAY DRESS – Because why not? Day dresses are cute, comfortable and girly. And because sometimes we like to feel pretty.
  9. JACKET or CARDIGAN – It may get chilly when you least expect it. In case that happens, bring either a jacket or a cardigan. Or if you prefer, a cape or poncho.
  10. UMBRELLA – Where there’s the sun, there’s also rain. An umbrella will keep you sheltered. And if the sun gets a little too hot, you can always take cover under your shade.
  11. LIP and CHEEK STAIN – They’re practical, give you an instant glow and don’t take much room in your luggage so grab a pair.
  12. HAIR BOBBLES or ELASTICS – As with any beach holiday, your hair can get pretty damaged with the water. To compensate, go ‘au naturel’ and opt for braids to cover up a bad hair day.
  13. TOILETRIES – Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. Pack the stuff you need for that time of the month. When it comes to this, it doesn’t hurt to take extra. Also, make sure to take lots of Kleenex tissues – they always come in handy!
  14. BEAUTY – Shampoo, shower gel, razor, tweezer, toothpaste, toothbrush… Basically, things you can’t do without! Go for travel sized duty free versions.
  15. SPF CREAM – It’s important to protect our skin from the sun. Regardless of skin colour, our skin can get damaged if we’re not too careful. So always bring some sort of sun protection cream with you.
  16. INSECT REPELLENT CREAM – Depending on where you’re travelling to, an insect repellent cream is a good idea. Because insect bites aren’t pretty and feeling itchy while on holiday is no fun.

This is by no means a definitive guide but will (hopefully) nevertheless be helpful. Let me know if there’s anything important I’ve left out in the comment section!

XX. Nina.



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