Travel Hairstyle Ideas

If you’re looking for some hairstyle inspiration for your next trip abroad then you’ve come to the right place. I love beauty and hairstyles in all its versatility but I seldom get to try them all. I’ve made it one of my new goals (albeit, a somewhat vain one) – to experiment more with different looks. Recently, I did just that while on holiday.

Jump right in for some hairstyle ideas to try on your next vacay…

The double braided hairstyle

IMG_3662 (2)

Be it regular, dutch, rope or french; braids never run out of style. They’re perfect for hiking or doing something casual when abroad.

Half up, half down

IMG_3842 (2)

This look is girly and fun, and perfect for days when your hair isn’t quite co-operating but you still want to leave it down. I would wear this hairstyle to go shopping or exploring (while still wanting to look pretty).

Side braids

IMG_4222 (4)IMG_4229 (3)

Because sometimes one side of your hair looks fine but the other is dealing with its own set of issues. Fret not, all you need to do is pull the not-so-neat side of your hair into a braid and secure with an elastic or bobby pin.

High bun

IMG_4684 (2)

This one is great for when you are having a bad hair day but still want to look put together. It will take the hair away from your face thus ensuring you stay feeling light. Plus it takes literally two minutes (or less, I’m rather slow!) and makes you look polished with minimal effort.

The floppy hat

IMG_0952 (2)

Nothing screams vacation quite like a big ol’ hat. Although this isn’t exactly a hairstyle, I’ve included it in here because it helps to conceal second day not-so-perfect hair.

Well, this concludes our hairspiration tour.

Did you enjoy this post? Did you have a favourite hairstyle? What is your favourite style to wear on holiday? Share it with me; I’m always looking for new hairstyles to try!

XX. Nina.


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