Create the Perfect Evening Routine

An evening routine is just as important as its morning counterpart. This is the ideal time you have for yourself to wind down, reflect and prepare for the following day. I have to admit, I sometimes skip this part. And we all do. Sometimes a busy or stressful day can lead you to neglect taking care of yourself but it’s vital to set aside some time to end the day right.

Before reading on, you might want to click on the following link to learn how to create your perfect morning routine first.

The Perfect Evening Routine

Your evening routine, whatever it is, doesn’t have to be lengthy. It can take a few minutes or a few hours depending on what works best for you. It is important however to have some sort of ritual to help you to relax before you go to bed. After all, enough beauty sleep means a less grouchy, more glowing, happier and more productive you. And who doesn’t want that? So without further ado, let’s build your perfect evening routine…


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The Building Blocks:

Stage 1: Review & Reflect

Ideally, the perfect evening routine would begin with reflection and reviewing your day: what was accomplished, what wasn’t and what changes have to be made to ensure that tomorrow is more productive. This would then be followed by a list of things to tackle for the following day.

If you’re like me, you tend to carry your burden with you to sleep. This is bad, because it keeps you awake and it doesn’t allow you to get that quality rest that you vitally need to function the next morning. So in order to fix this, set aside a bit of time to write down all your thoughts, including any worries that you may have, so that you get them off your chest, knowing you’ll tackle those problems tomorrow, and can easily drift off to la la land.

Before you’re too tired, lay out your clothes for the following day. Get them ironed and placed on a hanger, prepare your lunch and breakfast for the following day if needed.

Stage 2: Unwind 

Anything that helps you to relax and forget the day’s troubles can be included in this section, but here are some suggestions…

Listen to soothing music – This can be anything you like to listen to, but make sure to stick to happy, relaxing tunes, that don’t leave you prone to anxiety.

Read/listen to a good book  or two (or read a magazine, if you like) – I love reading and for many people there’s no better time to catch up on reading than in the late hours of the day. Read something inspiring before you go to bed, or something fascinating like a book on astronomy, or get lost in a fantasy-adventure story. Make sure to stick to light topics. History is a fascinating topic and global issues are crucial topics we need to discuss, but they can wait till another time.

Watch a movie (solo, with friends or family) or one episode of your favourite TV show – A movie, preferably 2 hours before bedtime, is a great way to kick back. And don’t let anyone tell you that it’s a waste of time. Unless it’s reality TV.

A bubble bath with scented candles – It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day battling the forces of evil aka your boss, and getting back in touch with you.

Indulge in a face routine – Some sort of cleansing routine that involves washing your face, removing makeup and applying cream, can also help you to de-stress. Tip: Remember to let your skin breathe! I’m no expert but I’d rather skip any sort of cream before bed ( – remember, creams contain chemicals – ) and just let nature do its work.

Drink a warm cup of something – Be it herbal tea or hot chocolate. Any warm drink that soothes your throat and makes you utter ‘aaahh’. Avoid caffeine.

A crossword puzzle – Though I would refrain from doing anything too stimulating, as this could lead to a restless mind before bed, which is what we would like to avoid, a crossword puzzle gets a get-out-of-jail-free card in my book.

So there you have it, some tips on building your perfect evening routine. Have I left anything out? What does your evening routine consist of? Feel free to leave a comment below.

XX. Nina.



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