2 Easy Mason Jar Salads

I’m sharing two salad ideas I have recently made. These salads are both tasty and easy to re-create, requiring very little preparation. You can transfer it into a container the following day to take it with you to the office or just simply eat straight from the jar. How convenient is that? Jar Salad #1…

Super Easy Spring Salad

Inspired by spring and its colours, this salad can be done in minutes and is perfect for a light lunch. I love the combination of the radish with the eggs; it creates the perfect contrast of textures, soft with a crunch. So let’s get to it, shall we? Here’s everything you’ll need to re-create this…

5 Breakfast Ideas You’ll Love

I love having something hearty and delicious for breakfast. If I wake up late and find myself with limited time to prepare some food (which often means having to resort to something less healthy, like coffee and store-bought muffins), I end up feeling rather cranky. I have found that what you eat for breakfast can…

Stuffed Mushrooms with Couscous and Feta

Lately, as I’ve embarked on a fitness and diet routine, I’ve been experimenting more in the kitchen. Recently, I made these stuffed mushrooms with couscous and feta cheese – and what a delight they were!

Quick Beetroot & Feta Salad

If you’re in a rush (or just feeling super lazy) and need a lunch that is both healthy and satisfying, then look no further – this beetroot and feta salad is the perfect candidate for the job.

Baked Pears with Toffee and Walnut

A simple yet delectable treat, these juicy warm pears are sure to please. What’s more, you don’t have to be a master chef to make them. And since it’s mostly fruit, it’s bound to be healthier than your average treat.

2016 Recipe Ideas – the Year in Food

I’m quite proud of my food posts here on the website. To celebrate, I’ve gathered all the recipes for 2016 into one post.¬†They were oh-so-darn good.