Tips for the Novice Writer

To celebrate National Novel Writing Month, I thought I’d share with you some advice which will hopefully enable you to become a better writer.  Advertisements

Analysing Character – Hero vs. Villain

As a writer (and aspiring actress), it is my job to understand emotions and delve deep into the human psyche. I often think about the world at large, about humanity. I am a student of philosophy and deeply curious about the world and the people that populate this land. 

The Real Reason to Keep a Diary

We have all heard of journaling as a form of self-reflection, putting down our thoughts to reflect on the day gone by or expressing gratitude to welcome the day to come. But have you ever considered keeping a diary to document your life for future generations? This is something I decided

Is It Done Yet? – the Truth About Writing a Novel

Have you finished writing your book? A phrase ‘we’ as aspiring writers are far too familiar with. Most people assume that writing a novel is an easy and quick task, over and done with in a matter of weeks. What they are failing to comprehend

The Best Website for Budding Writers

If you’re looking for a website that offers great writing advice, prompts as well as inspiration from experts in the field then look no further than