Fix Your Mindset, Transform Your Life

Once upon a time, I believed that I was either good at something or that I was never going to be. This limited form of thinking affected my life in many ways. It’s the reason I never attempted anything that I thought was beyond my reach. Advertisements

Do You Matter? – Rewire Your Thinking Patterns

Who are you? You’re nobody. Just a spec in a vast, never-ending universe filled with countless of stars. You don’t matter (Get the pun?). In the grand scheme of things, you are insignificant and your problems – even more trivial.

How to Think Like an Olympian

Sometimes, you need to give yourself a good kick in the ass (or arse – ahem, excuse my language) for being such a downer. We all get those days, those days when we just can’t seem to get out of bed.

Finding Happiness

What is happiness? The online dictionary defines it as the state of being happy (meaning feeling contentment, satisfaction or being in high spirits). Happiness (as an abstract noun) is an intangible thing; you cannot see, hear, feel or taste joy but boy can you feel it. So where does happiness come from and how much control do we have over how we feel?